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XLevation Sports : The Professional Athletes Liason to the Music and Film Industries
XLevation Sports
Division 1

WEGO : Professional Video Game League
Division 2

 Xlevation Sports is the world's 1st firm specializing in the exclusive management of  professional athlete's aspirations in the modern music and film industries.

From hip-hop to alternative to country and from television to movies to concerts to speaking, XLevation Sports benefits from the worldwide development experience of Concept Enterprises International.

If it's building a recording studio, developing a record label, expanding a publishing catalog, performing on stages live or for the screen -- nobody can match Xlevation's experience,  diversity, or vision.

WEGO is the world's 1st serious tournament league organized exclusively for home video console gaming.

WEGO takes the worldwide appeal of the interactive home game experience to the next level with officially sanctioned professional competitions that award worldwide championships to the best gamers on all video game systems from Atari to Playstation to X-Box.

Whether you are the best at game fighting, shooting, sports, RPG, sims, action, fantasy or strategy -- The PLayer's Legion is where the virtual sports superstar of the future will be recognized and celebrated!


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