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I believe in the we
Or should I say oui?
There is a substance that allows us to exist and persist
towards bliss - or towards the endless abyss
In any event, from Paris to Flint
It is the beginning that is relevant.
You see if we were made by an all knowing all seeing
Invisible being
Then the unknown made the known, known
Which is why I prefer freestyle to writing, on my microphone
That which is invisible made that which is visible
Dig it, and be invincible, perceive beyond the permissible
Who knew Tupac was dissable?
Who knew ghettos were livable?
What makes the impossible critical?
What makes the sky kissable?
Our lady of Baptist Holy Penacostal Church of God Methodical Episcopal?
Maybe not, but don't get too literal.
You see they are all simply trying to touch the hem of The Master's Garment
They know life without Christ is alarming.
While nation's are arming
And babies they're harming
I believe in an invisible hope, when the visible makes firemen...
...die in twin pillars of fire
Isn't it God's desire that the wicked retire in fire?
I must believe the invisible is higher
When the visible is so tired.
So I get on my knees and I pray
Like Big Mama back in the day
I don't pray because she did
Especially since I was just a kid
I pray because, like her - my known hurts
My senses sense the senseless
Many are defenseless against pretences
But HE meant this
Baptism to serve as the deep rinses
Cuz it's gone take thick suds to remove the duds
And improve the studs to help reproduce what was...
The original intent of the invisible
Multiply and be fruitful
So long as the fruit is truthful
And is a reflection of HIS inflection,
When HE spoke this direction, "Let there be..."
and, "It was good..."
"It was very good!"

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