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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When will the next record come out?

A:  Rather than going with a "major" label, the next ME PHI ME record will be released independently to ensure better control.


Q: My local record store no longer stocks the first Album, ONE. Where can I get a copy now?

A: Most record stores will special order out of stock items. Try that first. If you are not satisfied just send us an e-mail.


Q: Does ME PHI have a girlfriend?

A: No, he has a wife! Married in July of 1995 to the beautiful Nanette Jackson of Tennessee. They have two lovely daughters, Autumn Jenae and Imani Skyy.


Q: What ever happened to the guitar player John Falasz?

A: Click here to find out!


Q: Are ME PHI and CCT related?

A: Yes, they are first cousins. Their mothers are sisters.


Q: What is the keyboardist/singer Michael Bohannon doing now?

A: Mike (now known as Bo) has a great new record he has released independently


Q: Where is the bass player, Doc?

A: Doc Rooks moonlights as a truck driver while waiting for the next tour to kick in.

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