Soul Thang
from the Me Phi Me album, "The Second, Coming"

My groove persecuted
Like a bird in cage
My kind have been flapping their wings since the earliest ages
Words to the rhythmic sage
I write poetry
Flowing free form for pages and pages
Can't understand
Branded me a heretic
Labeled me an 'evil man'
Can you believe it man?
What fools!
I guess that's why i got my own grooves
Now let us take a look -- voodoo's the mentality
Work black magic -- find Individuality
Opinions differ
Dominions in The Soul is bigger
Brotha, brotha, brotha man please!
Look into your soul 'cause your soul is what you need
And some will say you're lost in the trials and tribulations
but you've got your salvation in The Soul

In my Soul I see individuality
In my Soul I know eagle's strength and buffalo
In my soul I've got jazz and blues, folk, and hip-hop
In my Soul I am feeling groovy from this jam!

You see I am just a kid with a need to be free
who can freak funky beats
Let the world groove with me
Let a blind man see through
The Positivity
of the Me Phi Me
You see I'll be happy -- groovy
The beats are free like wind in trees
So seize the groove to move and improve is what you need
Like a dove sailing seas over beats like these
My baby groove along this path
Live positive
To it give all you have
The jailer-man's wrath?
I need to be freer
I wrote words of hope to bring growth like Chia's
Any Holy book sure to tell you the story
All about The Soul and control and role
Salvation's necessary 'cause the groove was stole
Take back the keys and unlock the door
You see they tryin' to change your ways and teach ya ass a lesson
Men are getting penitent like sinners in confession
Obviously they don't understand the Soul
Brotha man, tell me do you understand The Soul?
Make it hot buttered so it won't be dry
Funky like the smells at a fish fry
Try to fly high
The Phi
Oblige that I will take it and say it I pray and make it a Soul Thang

Ooh baby!
Now hold on to The Soul
Because the groove maybe will penetrate your mental state
You'll go crazy
Those who are in chains won't remain
Set them free!
I call it Positivity
You say we only must believe to achieve
Show me, show me
Somebody's got to show me
Because my mind's on the front line
and i'm trying to find piece of mind
Pick up my watch and check the time
Keeps on slipping...
There just ain't time for the weak mind trippin!
I won't stand for slavery
so put away your whip
Get into this music -- That it's groovin' is a given
Don't you understand the plan that lands a man
underneath the skin
Play it again, Sam! Jam! Damn!
People get on up!
The finger licking soul of symbolic shakin' butts
You never will stop the peace at least don't cease the optimism that is rhythm
What you give them is The Soul Brother
They can't take your Soul, brotha
They can't take your Soul.

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my Soul to keep
If I should die before I wake,
I pray to the Lord for 1 more break....

© 1994 Concept Enterprises International
Lyrics by La-Ron K. Wilburn and Christopher Cuben-Tatum
Music & Beats produced by Christopher Cuben-Tatum for Concept Enterprises International

All Rights Reserved. International copyright secured. Reprinted by permission.


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