from the Me Phi Me album, "Opus No. 3 in A # Minor"

We be
One Me
From The One and only
One tree
One be
One world is upon Me
Just can't get enough love
Politics make me sick
It feels good in your neighborhood
And it could be connected to him on the wood
Free your mind
Peabo chimed "Feel the Fire"
My desire is to be One with my Maker
Anita Baker's party in the clouds
Do you need wings to fly?
I Float Float On...

We all are One
Under the sun

Well I can make you get down
Down where the truth can be found
A reunion of the spirit
You can hear it underground
Not the material world
See you cannot touch a groove
but if you open up your soul you will feel it inside of you
Grasshopper... when you can take the pebble from my hand...
When you can learn to love your fellow man...
When you can be the water and the sand...
When you can feed the children across your land...
When you can be the very breath of man...
When you can do the very best you can...
Then you will learn to understand we all are One under the sun

© 1996 Concept Enterprises International
Lyrics by La-Ron K. Wilburn
Music & Beats produced by Christopher Cuben-Tatum for Concept Enterprises International

All Rights Reserved. International copyright secured. Reprinted by permission.


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