...and I Believe

from the Me Phi Me album, "ONE"

i believe
that you can be what you want to be
high as the sun deep as the sea
you can achieve
thus the fraternity
me phi me
we stand
for individuality
for every free man
because the reality
of a weak clan
is a formality
of slavery
but we can
join the fraternity
where you can
learn to be
into your own
everyone has a throne
what fool will you rule?
from the red and black stand with me
i believe in the me phi me

now if you've had enough of trying to be just like the rest
because they will not allow you to demonstrate your best
believe and you can do it like the engine that could
recite this credo with me and you'll join my brotherhood
we wear the red and black it's for the struggle and the pain
umbrellas to each other through the falling of the rain
but never treading on the freedom of a brother's mind
because from every thought sunshine
one rhyme
strength and power real precision is your mission
true tenacity will fasten me you got to listen
the technician teaches preaches tries to reach his own plateau
expeditiously never going that slow
to those that need
to be mentally free
this is what we believe
it only takes one
to get a job done
listen to me son
listen to me girl
we can rule the world
get together and never conform to others again
sing -- "we got our own brain"
so i don't need yours
because alone i am a powerful force

here comes the funky rocker of the '90's
on play now others are behind me
join yes with my fraternity
but it's pointless unless you learn to be
you must stand singular
it will bring to you
solar energy
so you can party
enjoy life see each and everybody
can break
and shake
with style
create a positive mental state
a difference to make
for fakes
and flakes
are leaning on everyone
get off me chump because i ain't giving none
i help those who help themselves can't you see
the me phi me
we drag you up the mountainside because you're in bad shape
but think of how much quicker we would all reach the top
if we didn't have to carry your weight

one mind
one body
one soul
now let the beat roll

ME PHI ME : Opus No. 3 in A# Minor

"...and I Believe (the Credo)" from ONE by Me Phi Me

1992 Concept Enterprises International
Lyrics by La-Ron K. Wilburn
Music & Beats produced by Christopher Cuben-Tatum for Concept Enterprises International

All Rights Reserved. International copyright secured. Reprinted by permission.


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