Keep It Goin'

from the Me Phi Me album, "ONE"
theme to TRIBECA television series



~)|(~2~)|(~ ~)|(~3~)|(~ ~)|(~4~)|(~

like the sun at noontime

light the path that leads to a new mind

look into my mind and what do you see


the me phi me

can you handle my philosophy

love yourself and you will never go wrong

because self-esteem is like a real live party

it keeps me going

all night long

you heard the rhythm

saw the mechanism what a funky system

coming from the capital P, the H... I am a new age warrior

fighting the battle for joy and euphoria

i march to the beat of a different drummer

spring winter Autumn (fall) and summer

to show them what happens when you're proud and strong

you keep going

all night long

ME PHI ME is a positive mental state

something about every person is great

we need more members to add to the sunshine

so come sign up if you got what it takes

a smile for yourself it helps to bring your mind to realize you dreams

you are kissing and hugging caressing and loving a beautiful lover

by the name of self-esteem

like a teapot

don't you want the joy that we've got

my attitude helps me flow and go

from the sun falls until the rooster crows

cockledoodledoo what about you

what do you seek

can you be funkier than athletes feet

if so then you can tag along

because we keep going

all night long

somebody hold me back

here i come with the red and the black

my sanctuary is legendary

a place for the crowd to say out loud

we love ourselves


my brothas and sistas that is a beautiful song

never take a break from that and you'll keep going

all night long

ME PHI ME : Opus No. 3 in A# Minor

"Keept It Goin'" from ONE by Me Phi Me

BMG/RCA Records Label
74321 12437 2

1992 Concept Enterprises International
Lyrics by La-Ron K. Wilburn
Music & Beats produced by Christopher Cuben-Tatum for Concept Enterprises International

All Rights Reserved. International copyright secured. Reprinted by permission.


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