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The responses to Pastor Alamo's literature from around the country and over two hundred countries around the world are proof of a ministry sold out and totally dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ. Letters, phone calls, and e-mail responses come in to us continually. Here we share a sampling of these correspondences. Our first letter comes from brother John Falasz, a former rock and roll musician, who came from touring the world, evangelizing for Satan, to winning the world to Christ. Praise the Lord!

    I needed the Truth. I had been living with musicians, and my sould was becoming increasingly vexed with the things we were into. Finally, I had enough. I packed up and left with nothing but my car, my clothes, and a guitar. This was my exodus.

    In 1991 I started a new job in Nashville where I met a faithful witness from the Alamo Christian Ministries. He invited me to read Bible, and I was more than willing. We read, and he began to show me some of the key elements right in the Bible that I had been missing for all those years.
No Milli Vanilli Christians Please

    I was raised in a very affluent part of the North Shore of Chicago. Because my father made a lot of money, skiing trips to Aspen and Vail, or an afternoon on the yacht were the norm. My parents did the best to provide everything they could for me, but unfortunately they didn't know the lord

    I started listening to rock music at a young age. At fourteen, I started playing guitar. I also started drinking. By the time I was a senior in high school, I was playing guitar in rock bands at all the school parties and smoking pot on a daily basis.I would steal money from my dad to buy my weekly supply.
I began to doubt everything about life and religion. After a bad LSD trip I started to question everything. 'What am I' "Why are we here?' I became terrified. I thought I would die with a big question mark in front of my face. I contemplated suicide often
    One night while I was at my girlfriend's house, her older brother began telling me about the Lord. Suddenly I saw outerspace with all the stars round about. A pure white door appeared in the middle taking up most of the opened and there was another door identical to the first which opened to reveal another, and so on straight ahead through space.

    I didn't know that there was a scripture in Biible where Jesus said, "I AM THE DOOR" God touched me. I knew He was THE WAY that there was only right and wrong, darkness and light, Heaven or Hell. I felt like l was floating, and that everything was fresh, as if the lord had lifted the burdens off my shoulders. I thought that all of my problems were over but a new war was just beginning.

    After this I went right back into pursuing my worldlygoals as a guitar player. In the summer of 1989 I toured the U.S. and Canada playing guitar for Milli Vanilli while they had the #1 single on the Billboard chart. They were not the only ones who were phonies, so was I and everyone in the entertainment industry. I later helped put together a project called ME PHI ME and we signed with RCA records. I moved to Nashville to do the recordings. Subsequent tours throughout the U.S. and Europe followed with Arrested Development and Sade.

    But every time I got home, it was more depressing. It was like, "The party's over again fool, now what?" I began to realize that if I didn't get back to the Lord, I was going to die. This was the first time I experienced the fear of the Lord.

    I began looking for a church in Nashville. I went to several churches and learned of different false doctrines and denominations.

    I met other brothers from the church, and I knew smething about them was different. They were totally sold out to the Lord 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They wouldn't te;; me smooth things, they told me the truth. They led me through that old fashioned sinner's prayer, and I have never been the same.  

When I heard Pastor Alamo's messages on cassette. I knew that he possessed the God-given wisdom to rightly divide the Word of God. I was such welcome relief to my sould after hearing so much heresy over pulpits and on TBN. Now I was being fed answers that made spiritual sense, without yielding more and more questions.

    Four years later, I can say without a doubt that my life in the Alamo Christian Ministries has brought manifold blessings, strength, and wisdom. I use my talents as a musician to glorify God. Most importantly, I've learned to be a soul winner.

Finally I would like to add that those who are against this work of God are simply without the understanding of what the Bible say true Christianity will deliver along with it's many blessings: INTENSE PERSECUTION AND FALSE ACCUSATIONS.

    I praise and thank God Almighty for the tremendous honor of being part of Joel's Army.
Praise The Lord!
John Falasz
Ft. Smith, Arkansas

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