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Back in the ages

when kings rocked stages

and not obituary pages

there was one who waged this

battle to carve out the sun as the darkness raged

In a condo in Chi-town

CCT said "my town"

it was decided

groovy invited

to create this entity


Me Phi Me Worldwide Fraternity


brain baby of the bald head braid wearing

while CCT said it must be daring

Caring and sharing. . . tearing up streets

with beats and rhymes from a more conscious state of mind

as we rewind




Nineteen hundred and eighty eight

we began to contemplate

the formation

of a new nation

positive hippie-trips

drippy lips spew peace and understanding

slippery gets gripped by a new way of standing


for self-esteem would define this team

do you dig that we wanted to create more than a recording entity

but also a one man fraternity

free from enmity

your true identity

defined by the motto: one mind one body one soul

not a money making venture

but a honey tasting adventure

red and black would be the color of the clan

to never wear green until us done seen land

red the blood

and black our mommas

a field hand’s brand the insignia of our armor

all decided on the west side of Chicago

with CCT the Virgo

and Falasz me amigo

on December eighteen

Mista Phi Me the first Grand Basilicas

to lead a slave revolt in the tradition of Spartacus

rebellion from what?

from the blood of negativity dripping from where the world got cut

by famine war and disease

gold digging disrespect and wack emcees

he kicked off an era of alternative rappers

not hardcore nor dapper

but earthy

kinda funky kinda churchy

old soul yet happy and perky

positivity marked the spot

go back today and you’ll still get got

Me Phi Me remains relevant and top shelf

for you can never escape the self : ME PHI ME Hip-hop Fraternity of ONE

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