At Concept Enterprises International, we develop the dreams of great talent.

   Musical talent, athletic talent, modeling talent, and even executive talent. From singers to football players to doctors to politicians -- everyone has their own special talent.

    We define talent as, "Any marketable ability or personal attribute that sets you apart from the competition."

    Our role is to recognize your special skills, then construct effective strategies to fully maximize your earnings potential.

    Since 1983, C.E.I. has discovered that the career ambitions of rappers, basketball players, actors, politicians, inventors, or doctors is fundamentally the same -- Everybody wants to make a positive impact on the public with their talents while establishing financial security and controlled growth.

    At Concept Enterprises International, we believe a clear vision for your career starts by completely understanding your Concept. The Concept essentially is a combination of your Dream matched with a creative and practical method of achieving that dream.

    Our unique combination of successful experience in diverse business areas and imaginative application of solutions to new challenges provides each client with a balanced and objective approach to their career.

    For example:

1. How many ordinary 'personal managers' have written, produced, engineering, and negotiated songs for multi-platinum and Grammy nominated albums? C.E.I. has done this.

2. How many ordinary 'booking agents' have traveled across the entire globe to gain greater understanding of the unique culture and market of individual towns and countries for a touring artist? C.E.I. has done this.

3. How many ordinary 'web site designers' have built world-class recording studios from scratch, worked directly with the most renown photographers in the world, achieved elaborate MTV Buzz Bin videos, produced for network television and feature films? C.E.I. has done this.

    We could go on but you might wonder, "Why is this important?"

    A good analogy is to compare your career to an expensive performance sports car. Your talent is in many ways the vehicle that will get you to where you want to go.

    Each part of this vehicle has a different specialized functions that must be perfectly matched with all of the other important parts. There could be business managers, personal mangers, agents, merchandisers, publicists, accountants, lawyers, and others each handling pieces of your career.  

    If single part is not well matched for another part, your sports car will never perform as well as it ultimately can. Often, time and money is wasted because the myriad of disconnected individuals doesn't have a unanimous focus.

    Concept Enterprises International understands the complete scope of elements required to accomplish your goal. With our global team of expert consultants, you too will be able to Truth Is Better.

Peace & Prosperity Everlasting,


Mr. Christopher Cuben-Tatum
President & Founder





Truth Is Better.


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